Introducing… Chief Science Officers!

The Chief Science Officer or CSO program is the first of its kind initiative to promote student voice in STEM by holding peer elections for sixth through twelfth grade students who once elected act as the school’s liaison for STEM and innovation.  The CSO program aims to elevate peer and community engagement with STEM, empower students to bring STEM opportunities to their home campuses, and ensure students have respected positions within their community.  The elected CSO becomes part of a cohort of student leaders who experience special leadership training, impact STEM opportunities in their schools and local communities, and work as a collective cabinet to give input and ideas to adult STEM leaders in their state or region.  Support for CSOs is multifaceted.  In addition to on-the-ground engagement from the project team, CSOs are linked with a community and industry mentor known as “SciTech Jedi” who bring expertise, perspective, support, and guidance to CSO mentees.

  • Founded in Arizona in 2013 by Dr. Jeremy Babendure, the Chief Science Officer (CSO) program is aimed enrich 6-12th grade STEM education by:
    1. Creating a Pipeline of Diverse STEM Leaders
    2. Increasing Communication and Collaboration among CSOs
    3. Enriching School STEM Culture and Career Awareness
    4. Increasing Student Voice in STEM Conversations in the Community

  • Arizona State University Public Broadcasting Television Interview
    2015 Dr. Jeremy Babendure has created a program that has grabbed the interest of the White House and other states. President Obama’s Office has called the CSO program “a model for the future of our country.”   View the interview video here